Authors & Organizers

Authors are invited to send their work using the EDAS. The submission system is now open.


Submitting your paper through the EDAS system

  1. Go to the IEEE LAMC 2023 EDAS Paper Submission Portal (
  2. Login to your EDAS account; if you do not have one, please create it.
  3. Choose the LAMC 2023 track that resonates the most with your paper.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Title of your paper
    • Paper abstract (150 words maximum)
    • Please select a total of between 1 and 3 topics for the track
    • Check “Add yourself as author” (if applicable)
    • Click on “Register paper”. You will get a confirmation email.
  5. Add all authors in the order in which they appear in your manuscript, by clicking on the + sign next to the “Authors” row.
  6. To upload your manuscript, click the upload icon below “Review Manuscript” at the bottom of the page, then select your PDF file and click the “Upload PDF” button. Notice that you can disable the default option “Send email notification to authors.”
  7. You will immediately receive an email confirming that your paper has been uploaded. If you see your submission at EDAS again, you should now see that your paper status changed from “Pending” to “Active”.