LAMC 2023: General Program Overview

TimeWednesday, December 6Thursday, December 7Friday, December 8
8:30 - 8:40Welcome Remarks  
8:40 - 9:20Keynote Speaker: Prof. Maurizio Bozzi. “Microwave Sensors: Novel Techniques, Topologies, and Manufacturing Technologies”Keynote Speaker: Prof. Manos M. Tentzeris. “Zero-Power Additively Manufactured FHE-Enabled Wireless/5G+ Ultrabroadband Modules for IoT, SmartAg, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities Applications: From Dream to Reality”Keynote Speaker: Prof. Q. J. Zhang. “AI and Machine Learning for Microwaves - Past, Present and Future Trends”
9:20 - 10:40WM1S1: Passive Components, Circuits, and Devices I (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)THM1S4: Communication System (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)FM1S7: CAD Techniques for RF and Microwave Engineering (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)
10:40 - 11:10Coffee Break WPS1:  Poster Session, (30 min) Industrial ExhibitionCoffee Break THPS2: Poster Session (30 min) Industrial ExhibitionCoffee Break, (30 min) Industrial Exhibition
11:10 - 12:30WM2S2: Active and Passive Antennas I (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)THM2S5: Active Devices, Circuits and Measurement Systems (60 min, 3 papers-20 min)FM2S8: Active and Passive Antennas II (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)
12:30 - 13:00Invited Speaker: Prof. Shiban K. Koul “Medical Applications of MHz to Sub-THz Waves”Invited Speaker: Dr. Matthew A. Morgan “Coupled-Ladder Reflectionless Filters”Invited Speaker: Dr. George E. Ponchak “How to Write a Paper for IEEE MTT-S Journals and Navigate the Review Process”
13:00 - 14:30LunchLunchLunch
14:30 - 15:10Keynote Speaker: Prof. Carlos Saavedra “Electromagnetic Deactivation of the Human Coronavirus Through Resonance Phenomena”Keynote Speaker: Prof. José C. Pedro. “An Overview of Nonlinear Modeling of RF and Microwave Devices”Industry Panel: “Challenges and Opportunities on Microwave-related Industrial Applications in   Latin America” (40 min)
15:10 - 15:40Coffee Break PS: Poster Session (30 min) Industrial ExhibitionCoffee Break PS: Poster Session (30 min) Industrial ExhibitionMLVC: Multilingual Video Competition (30 min) Industrial Exhibition
15:40 - 17:00WA1S3: RF and Applications (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)THA1S6: Passive Components, Circuits, and Devices II (80 min, 4 papers-20 min)  Closing Remarks and WIM+YP Reception
17:00 - 21:00Welcome ReceptionGala Dinner and Cultural Event