Regular Sessions - Instructions for authors

We are approaching our LAMC 2021 conference date. As you know, there is a virtual conference, son in following lines you will find instructions about your presentation.

The overall time slot for each presentation is 20 minutes . Plan your speech for a duration of 15 minutes, in order to allow time for questions and discussion.

Please send a power point presentation with audio (you can find help to do it here: ) or a video smaller then 50 Mbytes.
Optionally, it is possible to present synchronically, using the webex system that will be available during the days of the conference. Wi ell send later the links to each session.
It is necesary that at least one of the authors be available during the presentation, to answer questions.
Session chairs have been instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, i.e., to strictly obey the duration of a presentation. We kindly ask you for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule.
Be connected your session 5 minutes before session starts, so that you can meet your session chair in advance.


Conference program is available in:

Accepted Papers

1570699852Design and simulation of broadband UHF microstrip meander antennas for an RFID reader
1570700958Simulation and Fabrication of a Low-Cost RFID Reader
1570702166Human Movement Recognition System Using CW Doppler Radar Sensor with FFT and Convolutional Neural Network
1570702710A Compact Ultrathin Metamaterial Absorber for C, K and Ka Band Microwave Frequency Regime
1570702955Capabilities of LiNbO3 Based Acoustic Wave Resonators for Wideband Applications
1570703200FPGA-SoC based S-band Radio Frequency power amplifier control
1570703301Use of the Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Effect in Optical Fibers to Generate Microwave Signals
1570704525A Type of Multi-Notched-Band Microstrip Crossover
1570704541Asymmetric Doherty Power Amplifier at 60 GHz in 130 nm BiCMOS
1570704676Phased Array with 45° Scanning and Over 65dB Polarization Purity from 53-100GHz Using PCB Flip-Chip Technology
1570704963Design and Characterization of a Simple and Wideband Antenna for 5G mm-wave Applications
1570705017A Swarm Intelligence based Automated Framework for Variability Analysis
1570705171Non- invasive Serum Glucose Sensing Using a Double U-slot Antenna
1570705291On the Optimum Number of Antennas for V2V LOS Links with Ground Reflection
1570705306A Simple Low-Profile Broadband Antenna Design for 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications Over 38 GHz Spectrum
1570705363Application of thin dual-band electromagnetic absorbers to reduce the radar cross section of a microstrip patch antenna
1570705373Modeling Power Supply Induced Jitter in a Voltage-Mode Driver with Long Transmission Lines
1570705377Comparative Analysis of Three Types of VHF/UHF Antennas for GPR Array
1570708977Optimization of Branch-Line Hybrid Couplers for Ku-Band Applications in SIW Technology
1570709693Biasing Control and Protection System for GaN HEMT Power Amplifier Measurements
1570709791Orthogonal Polarized Horn Antenna with High Port Isolation at Ka-Band
1570709817Four-port Cavity-backed Wide-band Antenna for 5G MIMO Applications
1570709820Comparison of Measured and Predicted Permittivity Values for 3D Printed PLA Substrates
1570709949A High Power Ku- to Ka-Band Single-Pole-Double-Throw Switch with Capacitive Loading for Isolation Improvement
1570709986A 17 - 32 GHz Wideband High Isolation Linear mm-Wave Mixer For 5G applications
1570709994Synthesis and Design of Microstrip Bandpass Filter Based on Chained-Elliptic Function
1570710012Design of Half Power Divider at Ku-band using Empty Substrate Integrated Waveguide
1570710042A Wide Bandwidth Hybrid Filter Based on Discrete Acoustic Resonators
1570710160Microwave Sensor Based on Split Ring Resonators for Dielectric Characterization of Density and Viscosity of Milk
1570710170BPFET-based RF electronics: state-of-the-art, small-signal modeling and amplifier design
1570710171Optimization of an array of smart antennas using PSO for the monitoring of electrical power switches
1570710179Microwave Imaging over UWB with Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for Concealed Weapon Detection
1570710183Microwave Breast Imaging using Synthetic Aperture Radar Method utilizing UWB Antenna
1570710191Transmitter and Receiver Equalizers Optimization for PCI Express Gen6.0 based on PAM4
1570710195Error quantification for the design of a TCR-type passive calibrator for SAR applications
1570710210Nonlinear current source model for a GaAs transistor implemented in Verilog-A using pulsed measurements
1570710211High-Performance Planar Hexagonal Coil-Type Wireless Power Transfer System
1570710212Design of a Doherty Power Amplifier with GaN Technology in the Sub-6 GHz Band for 5G Applications with Harmonic Suppression
1570715396Optimizing a Buck Voltage Regulator and the Number of Decoupling Capacitors for a PDN Application