Special Sessions

If you would like to propose an Special Session, please download this format and let us know sending an email to grafaelv@ucsp.edu.pe  and ezenteno@ucsp.edu.pe.


One of the most important application of RF is in providing telecommunication services such as cellular telephony, cordless telephones, radio and television broadcasting,other applications include industrial heating, radar and medical applications.

Nowadays, the microwave range most utilized can be defined from 1GHz to 40GHz. Most of modern point to point, wireless, and satellite communications occupy this range.

The possible effects on human health and environment of exposure to RF radiations are of concern specifically near the locations of radio and television transmitters, mobile base stations and wireless networks. Several studies on the non – ionizing radiation levels that result from these sources have been carried out all over the world. The determination of safe levels of exposures for occupational workers and general public have been included in studies developed by ANSI/IEEE, ICNIRP, NCRP, and other organizations.

This Special Session will include an overview of classification of the concerned high frequency range and their applications. The sources of concerns to human exposure such as mobile phones and their base stations, radio and television transmitters will be addressed. Presenters from telecommunication companies, well know universities and government agencies will present from different angles this topic including the impact of 5G and IoT on RF radiations. There will be time for questions and comments from the audience. Finally the moderator will summarize the conclusions of this session.


The deployment of the full connectivity between objects and people is planned for the next few years. In this Special Session we focus on the latest news on the technology to be used in Internet of Things from the first layer of the OSI model until the applications specifically in the automation industry (Industry 4.0) and telecommunication companies (5G). The advantages of the digital factories will be analyzed showing the relation between this technology and the productivity. Automation industries will be empowered with the adoption of those technologies. Specialist from both the industry and the academia will present cases of study for those technologies. Representatives from local companies will have the opportunity to present their main achievements and their main challenges for the complete adoption of those technologies. There will be time for questions and comments from the audience. Finally the moderator will summarize the conclusions of this session.

For more information contact Dr. Efrain Zenteno: ezenteno@ucsp.edu.pe